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Liz L.

Thank you so much for your love, support, and care during my labor. You are forever a special part of my birth story. How fortunate I was to have you on my team - your counter pressure on my back was definitely the only thing getting me through those final contractions. Your calm demeanor and trust that my body could push this big ol' baby out was invaluable. Thank you for holding my hand (and my heart) during the placenta issue as well. And laughing with me while i was so loopy from the drugs. Cheers to all the baby mamas lucky to have you in their care. 

Bridget Lira

Karishma, you are nothing short of AMAZING and that's an understatement. I will always brag about you when telling my birth story. Thank you for helping me realize what I am capable of. Thank you for pushing me to believe in myself when I doubted myself. You helped me accomplish something I've dreamt of for years. You brought so much love, calmness and peace to the room. Not only all of this but you sparked a passion in me to begin my doula journey again. If I could do for one person what you've done for me, I would be happy. Thank you. We appreciate you beyond belief. 

Hannah W.

Words cannot express how grateful B and I are for your support and encouragement during the birth of J. We have told countless people that you were the reason our birth went according to our "plan". Without you, there is no way we would have been able to have a natural birth like we so badly wanted. Your help with PRICELESS!

When I think about my labor and the few minutes afterwards (which I do often), I always think comforting and nonjudgmental your presence was. Being able to lean on you physically and emotionally is something I will never forget. Every time I got scared or overwhelmed, you calmed and reassured me through your kind, calm words or simple eye contact. 

I want to especially thank you for taking photos in the moments after J was born. At the time, I was so preoccupied with possible complications and post birth procedures, I felt disconnected from B and the baby. Later, when I looked back at the pictures, I was able to relive those moments and feel all of the emotions I felt too foggy to experience at the time. You have a special gift as a doula and I'm so thankful that you were with us for the birth of our son. 

Jessica I.

I just want you to know how very grateful I am for everything you did to help create a beautiful birth experience for us. I simply don't know what we would have done without your calm presence and constant words of encouragement (and that hip counter-pressure!!). Having you as part of our VBAC team was a gift that I will always treasure. Thank you.

Kelly O.

Choosing to have a doula for my 2nd born was one of the best decisions I made! I was so very thankful to have you there with me, guiding and encouraging me through all 30 hours of my VBAC! You were patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. I can't express how grateful I am for all that you did . You are an amazing doula - thank you so much!

Danielle W.

A special thank you for the support that you provided to me and my family during my labor and delivery. You did an absolutely amazing job - I honestly don't think that I could have done it without you. In fact, I cannot imagine labor without a doula. Women are incredibly blessed to have you by their side. Thank you again. 
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