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A to Z with OMG!

This is a 4 hour marathon class where we will go over all things labor and delivery at Hinsdale Hospital with the midwives of OMG. 


Here is an outline of the topics we will cover:

▪ Anatomy of Pregnancy and Childbirth
▪ Normal changes through each trimester
▪ Dilation, effacement & station
▪ Exercise to prepare for labor and delivery
▪ Natural ways to be ready for labor
▪ Membrane sweep
▪ Signs of labor
▪ Natural ways to speed up labor
▪ Stages of labor
▪ Positions for labor and pushing
▪ Comfort measures & relaxation techniques
     o What can the partner do
     o Childbirth cheat sheet
     o Doulas
▪ Pain management
▪ Labor Day
     o What to expect when you go to the hospital
     o IV and saline lock
     o Fetal & contraction monitoring
     o Vaginal exams
▪ Variations of labor & delivery
     o Induction methods
     o Augmentation
     o GBS
     o Episiotomy
     o Instrumental delivery
     o Cesarean birth

▪ Obstacles during labor & delivery
     o Shoulder dystocia
     o Fetal malpresentation
     o Umbilical cord variations
     o Arrest of dilation and prolonged pushing
     o Fetal distress
▪ Postpartum
     o Golden hour postpartum
     o L&D to Mother-Baby
     o Newborn procedures
     o Postpartum hemorrhage
     o Postpartum Pitocin
     o Fundal Massage
     o Retained placenta
     o Breastfeeding and formula feeding
     o Postpartum Depression
▪ Preparing for the big day!
     o Creating a birth plan
     o OMG's standard practices for labor and delivery
     o Informed consent
     o Instructions for labor
     o Suggested packing lists
▪ Links & Resources

As you can see, we will cover a wide array of topics. My goal for this class is to prepare my students for the fun adventure of labor and delivery!

The class cost does also include a 30-minute birth plan phone call with me. We can work together to arrange a day and time that works best for you and your partner. 


To reserve your spot, please fill out the form below. You will receive payment instructions via email. Payment is required before the class.  

The in-person class will be taught at the OMG office in Hinsdale.


Virtual Class - $85
In-person Class - $100


Thanks for registering! Please look out for an email from me to confirm your registration and an invoice.

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